2014 kicks off in Jönköping, pictures

While the home page has taken a break from updates over the last couple of months, the club hasn’t so it’s about time the homepage got back in action!

2014 really kicked off down in Jönköping where AFL Sweden had their AGM, held trials for the national team, and hosted an indoor tournament.

Regarding the national team trials, the club is delighted to have had squad players participate in the trials for the national team, and we’re hoping to see swans players getting call ups for the national team during the year!

In the indoor tournament the Swans played three games, and put on three good performances! Going into the last game of the day, against Norrtälje, the Swans had accumulated one win against Port Malmö Maulers 3.0(18) – 2.1(13), and one loss against Helsingborg Saints 1.1(7) – 5.3(33). The team put on a brilliant performance against Norrtälje and ended up winning with 6.2(38) against 0, with these numbers the club finished 3rd on percentage and finished a good weekend on a good note!


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