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Match Report Rd 7

Rd 7 Bromma

After cruising to a comfortable lead in all previous 1st quarters this year, but only managing to go on and win the match twice, both against Falun , the pressure was on the Swans to prove what they were made of and that they could play good footy for more than one quarter.

This was the focus for the boys, but in typical Årsta fashion Thor broke out of the pack and ran to 40 metres out close to the boundary and dropped it on the left to get the first major score of the match and we took an early lead. This was not to last long as Bromma and the Swans went into a epic battle in which neither team could obtain a clear advantage throughout the entire match.

All the guys pulled together in what was club legend Boots last game of footy, to channel their passion into showing what they have learnt this year. Missing Vice captain Bulldog as he prepares for the international cup, and star rookie Oskar, the boys stepped up all over the field. Fast and effective interchanges were managed by the players themselves, attack on the football was strong, talk was high, attitudes remained strong throughout the constant waves of attacks from Bromma and backing each other up were the reasons the Swans came through in the end 57- 47.

From the back line controlled by General Hammar and Youngy through the rotating midfield of Boots, Jocke,Thor,Staffy,Brutas and Weezee to the star rookie forward line consisting of Tommigun, Jonas and Pete,the never say die attitude shone through. The tough physical game played by Brutas and Staffy saying to Bromma if you want the ball you gonna have to work hard for it.

At half time with scores almost level, the Årsta camp was positive, there was a buzz and a look in everyones eyes of belief, although we knew we had to keep focused to be able to overcome the Vikings for the first time since 2009. The third quarter was won by the Swans and with a 3 goal lead in a low scoring game going into the fourth we felt that we had the upper hand in this arm wrestle.

The fourth quarter went on to to show the spirit of both teams with hard attack on the ball and tough tackling where it seemed impossible to kick a goal. Bromma had alot more of the ball but the way to goal was blocked time and time again by the desperate defence of the boys in red and white.

A great performance on a great day for footy in Stockholm.

One for all and all for ÅRSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Match report Rd 6

Rd 6 Falun

Our first footy game outside of stockholm was always going to be alot of lets say “fun”

It started at 645am at Gullmars. Jonas called to say he was gonna be late and the hammar was just missing. So as we waited for Jonas and tried to call hammar we entertained ourselves with Thor’s soft footy and a couple of drunks who still hadn’t quite made it home. Once Jonas arrived we were off with 8 guys.

After a call from the hammar saying he was on his way the guys from Thor’s car ( Mats Bulldog Sundin, The Staffy Jon, and repete) swear they saw the moon  ( at 9am in the lightest part of the year)  while  cruising past Oskars car. Jonas was in shock, white as a ghost and hasn’t said a word since. Ironically Tommigun has had a smug look on his face whenever the alleged moon sighting is mentioned.

After some minor difficulties finding the field and a phonecall to Cam we came to a nice little soccer pitch at the back of a school.

We had heard about Falun’s improvement and decided that we needed to go 100% in the first quarter. We did and had astounding success, breaking out to a big lead. It was great that the Tommigun got to fire a few rounds before his shoulder was injured in a reckless tackle, towards the end of the first quarter.

We went on to take the match quite convincingly (201-19) with our first year players leading the way as Thor, Hammar and I stood back a little and watched as these rookies showed the pride we have in the red and white and how far they had come as footy players this year.

All credit to the Falun boys, not only did they put an all in effort on the pitch they showed us an awesome time back at Cam’s and also later as the took us in to town.

Diggers!! We can’t wait to come back and take you on in a game of Ice Hockey.

Falun, Sweden

Road trip to Falun

The Årsta Swans will be trekking north to Falun to take on the Diggers at their home ground this week.

Årsta will be looking to return to the winners circle after a few spirited losses and are taking an exciting team north to get the job done. With our new players really developing quickly, experienced vice-captain Mats showing his international-level footy credentials and the return of captain Thor to the team after missing the Söder match with a hamstring injury, big things will be expected of all.

The Diggers are yet to post a win this season, however, with a few SAFF games under their belt now, the home town team will be seeing this as a great opportunity to do so. With the unseasonably great weather expected to continue until at least after the match, you can bet the Diggers’ supporters will be out in force to cheer on their team.

Those travelling to Falun this weekend, meet at 6:45 Saturday morning outside the Gullmarsplan T-Bana 7-11. Ring Thor or Pete if you’re running late.

One for all & all for Årsta!

Photos from training with Brett Kirk

Brett Kirk taking training at Årstafältet in Stockholm
Brett Kirk taking training at Årstafältet in Stockholm

The photos from training with Brett Kirk on the 24th of May are developed. Our photographer was down at training armed only with his phone’s camera to capture the session.

Brett’s presence meant that all four Stockholm teams were present, allowing us to do some great, but different drills with the 35 guys  present.

Everyone involved had a great time and I’m sure everyone (both old and new) learnt plenty from Brett.

As described earlier, Brett is travelling the world as an AFL Ambassador promoting AFL football and the 2011 International Cup.

Go to the Årsta Swans Facebook page to see all the photos from the evening.

Training this week

Brett Kirk handballs out of the pack
Brett Kirk handballs out of the pack

Training this week is on Tuesday the 31st at 18:00 down at Årsta as usual. Make sure to get along & continue on from where we left off with Captain Kirk last week (pics coming up tonight!!).

On Tuesday we can also discuss training over the long weekend for those in town keen for a kick.

Brett Kirk to visit Stockholm

Brett Kirk comes to Stockholm
Brett Kirk comes to Stockholm

Former Sydney Swans captain and AFL Superstar Brett Kirk is on the way to Stockholm. Brett is currently travelling around Europe with his wife and family as an AFL Ambassador promoting AFL football and the 2011 International Cup.

He will be visiting a SAFF training session this Tuesday the 24th May. All clubs will be invited to train together at Årsta Fältet on Tuesday night at 6:00pm.
All SAFF players, and fans are welcome to come out train and/or watch. To read more about his tour, visit the AFL website, or Brett Kirk’s Odyssey website.
Amazing opportunity here to get amongst it with a legend of the game, so do yourself a favour & get along!

Rd. 3 Årsta vs Solna match report

Pipped at the post

Another 1st quarter assault was dealt out by us, at one stage having a six goal lead. The delivery in to the forward line was clean and the hands of Ablett were like stone. An early injury to key forward  Brutas slowed the onslaught of goals then a very effective combination in the centre of the ground fired up for Solna (Adrian, Jake and Luke) got the Axemen back in the game with scores almost level at half time. When Key player Thor went out with a hamstring, it was all we had just to cling on to the match in the third quarter. The last quarter saw the valiant swans chances of victory ripped from them with a few quick goals to Solna sealing the deal 130- 96.

An absolute credit to all our first year players who are improving alot in every match, to be able to hold their own with much more experienced players is a sign that with a bit more experience it won’t be long before you will be outplaying them. Big cheer to Joakim who played the whole match as ruckman, mate you really stepped up a knotch on the weekend! Another solid performance from the Hammar who is making the backline his domain. Remember boys saving a goal is as good as kicking one you just don’t get any numbers next to your name. And of course Youngy who is what we have needed in our squad for sometime.

Tough match with Söder on Friday. Lets be there at 5 30 and give the blues all we got!!

Training on Thursday

See ya at my place round 5:30pm on Thursday.

We will check out half a game of AFL footy, do some team-building exercises, talk tactics and probably end up going for a kick. Don’t forget LA bar is just around the corner, so after we can grab a feed and a beer if the need arises.

You’ll get the details of where I live in an email. But to get you in the right direction take bus 160 from Gullmarsplan and get off at Årstaskolan.


Words from Judge Pete

Boots reaching over Mick for the ball
Boots reaching over Mick for the ball


It’s hard for me to put into words just how impressed I am with the 2011 Swans, and as most of you know, I’m not a man who is usually lost for words.

The club has grown a lot this year along with the spirit of the team. The injection of fresh blood has brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm that Årsta has had glimpses of in the past, but it has now exploded and it is lifting the team up and above the level expected of us. A perfect example of this was in Saturday’s match where we had 4 players on debut, Oskar, Tommi, Pete and Jon. We went out in the first quarter and absolutely shell shocked the in-form Bromma line up to take a quick lead. Pete looking like a pro kicking 2 goals in 5 mins on debut!!!

In what went on to be a heated match, the experience of the Vikings shone through in the end and they took the game, by only a few goals. For me, Årsta’s effort,passion and result, was  one of the finest moments in the club’s history. The pride and passion shown by all was a credit to all facets of the club.

Personally, I was so proud to be part of what I believe was another sign that we are genuine premiership contenders this year!

The passion and enthusiasm spilled over in to Tuesday’s training run with a great turn out and even more new faces. I’m sure calls for the ball were echoing through Årsta and were probably heard as far away as Globen! Even though training went late there were blokes still kicking for goal and fine tuning their newly learned kicking skills at 8:30 pm.

As a coach I’m very excited to pass on this news to Josh (who has been busy working in Germany), especially including the return of The Hammar, along with the amazing progress and talent shown by our debutants and first year players. Hammar a club legend who was unable to play so much last year, yet has returned to the side with gutsy determination and looks like he’s been training with the Sydney Swans in the off season. Great to have you back mate!

All that’s left for me to say on this front is LOOKOUT SOLNA!!!!! The Årsta boys are in town and we are hungry for a win!!

Registration Payments

Just a quick note, thanks to guys who got their rego payments in quickly, but can all who have paid come and talk to me. A big reminder that when you pay directly into our account you MUST write your NAME so we know who has paid!!!!!

To those who havn’t paid yet try to budget it in to your next favourite day of every month – the 25th. The club needs money to run and has already paid for you to be insured.

So to wrap it up, Cheers Boyz!

Judge Pete