Halfway through the season

The summerbreak is over and we are back to playing footy again.

The first half of the 2019 season showed a lot of promise. We have some new recruits and some returning known faces in the lineup.
Despite this we were only able to win one of the games so far, but the new players are starting to get the mileage they need and the oldies have cut down on the beer intake so hopefully the second half of the season will see us win a lot more games.

The first game of the second half will be played on tuesday august 13th, 18:00 at the oval in Skarpnäck.

During the summerbreak the 2019 Euro cup was held in Norrtälje, Sweden.
16 national teams played each other over a total of 68 matches during one sunny day in July. Årsta Swans was represented in the Swedish Elks by newcomer Samuel Fischerström. The Swedish Elks finnished the tournament in 5th place. Read more here

First goal of the last game landing Sweden in 5th place

Welcome down to the oval on tuesday!

UPDATE: The game will start at 19.20 at Skarpnäcks sportfält