Match report Rd 6

Rd 6 Falun

Our first footy game outside of stockholm was always going to be alot of lets say “fun”

It started at 645am at Gullmars. Jonas called to say he was gonna be late and the hammar was just missing. So as we waited for Jonas and tried to call hammar we entertained ourselves with Thor’s soft footy and a couple of drunks who still hadn’t quite made it home. Once Jonas arrived we were off with 8 guys.

After a call from the hammar saying he was on his way the guys from Thor’s car ( Mats Bulldog Sundin, The Staffy Jon, and repete) swear they saw the moon  ( at 9am in the lightest part of the year)  while  cruising past Oskars car. Jonas was in shock, white as a ghost and hasn’t said a word since. Ironically Tommigun has had a smug look on his face whenever the alleged moon sighting is mentioned.

After some minor difficulties finding the field and a phonecall to Cam we came to a nice little soccer pitch at the back of a school.

We had heard about Falun’s improvement and decided that we needed to go 100% in the first quarter. We did and had astounding success, breaking out to a big lead. It was great that the Tommigun got to fire a few rounds before his shoulder was injured in a reckless tackle, towards the end of the first quarter.

We went on to take the match quite convincingly (201-19) with our first year players leading the way as Thor, Hammar and I stood back a little and watched as these rookies showed the pride we have in the red and white and how far they had come as footy players this year.

All credit to the Falun boys, not only did they put an all in effort on the pitch they showed us an awesome time back at Cam’s and also later as the took us in to town.

Diggers!! We can’t wait to come back and take you on in a game of Ice Hockey.