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Norrtälje Dockers

Swedish Open 2012

This Saturday it’s the 2012 Swedish Open in Norrtälje. The Årsta lads will be going up with high expectations of some good football, after some great patience and team-play very nearly snatched the win from a tough and determined Bromma unit last week.

Some important info about the day:

  • Pool Games will be 20 minutes long, played over two 10 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime break. Grand Final will be 2 x 15mins. There will be a 5 minute break between games. See the Swedish Open 2012 schedule here. Timekeepers have been told to be strict with the clock in order to keep the day on time.
  • A handicap system will be in use during the Swedish open to create a more level playing field. Each national player (Swedish for Swedish Teams, Norwegian for Oslo) will receive 6 points with each international player (non-national, non-Australian) receiving 3 points. Australians will not receive any handicap. Teams will start every match with these handicap points.
  • Food and drink should be available between and after games, as well as showers to freshen up after
  • The full info can be found here (some is not relevant for us)

We will meet at KTH bus terminal at 8:30 on Saturday to travel up as a team.
Go Swans!!