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2014 kicks off in Jönköping, pictures

While the home page has taken a break from updates over the last couple of months, the club hasn’t so it’s about time the homepage got back in action!

2014 really kicked off down in Jönköping where AFL Sweden had their AGM, held trials for the national team, and hosted an indoor tournament.
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Play AFL in Stockholm

Learn about Australian Football

Australian football is fast-paced and unique, meaning that newcomers to the game may find it a little difficult to follow. But with some basic information Australian football is easy to understand.

In AFL Explained you will learn about the game’s rich and colourful history.  You will watch some of the world’s best athletes demonstrate the various skills of the game, while also learning about the rules and positions on a typical Australian football field.

Taken from the perspective of a novice, everything that you need to know about AFL, the most spectacular game in the world is captured in this video.

Watch the AFL Explained video here