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Swedish Elks update

The Swedish Elks have begun the International Cup 2011 in style and have made it through to Division 1.

First up, the Elks put in a hard and determined performance against  New Zealand, one of the favourites for the tournament. Despite the Elks’ swift ball movement and good linking play, New Zealand was able to squeeze a win from the match, with the Elks putting their top quality skills & determination on show for all.

Both our Årsta representatives, Dan Koinberg & Mats Sundin starred and were named in the best for the Elks. Great work boys!

The Elks then took India apart in a clinical display, showing the world that the Swedish team poses a definite threat to the favourites of the tournament. Again, both Årsta representatives starred and were among the team’s best players, with Big Dan booting a couple of goals to much applause from the appreciative crowd.
Next up, the Swedish Elks face the 4th ranked Irish Warriors this Wednesday 17th.
Great work Dan & Mats – keep it up!! Follow the Swedish Elks here.

Support the Elks in Australia

As most of you know, Pär and Mats will soon be heading down to Australia for the Aussie Rules International Cup, representing the Swedish Elks. Big Dan’s been acclimatising to the weather there for the last few months and will shortly join the boys in the squad.
Sweden’s sending a very competitive team to Oz, and it’d be great if you can help spread the word about the IC11 and give all your support to our Årsta boys Down Under. Here’s some suggestions of how.

A lot of us have friends and family down under so help us spread the word about the Elks and the IC11!

2011 International Cup squad announced

Swedish ElksThree Årsta Swans will represent Sweden in this year’s International Cup in Sydney & Melbourne during August.

During the week, the 2011 International Cup squad was announced with three Årsta Swans in it: Mats Sundin, Dan Koinberg and Pär Gustavsson. Mats & Dan will be leading the way on the field, while Pär will be part of the support staff down under.

Mats has had a very strong first half of the year with Årsta, playing midfield and getting into some great touch for August. Mats has earned the nickname “The Bulldog” by his never say die attitude, getting in and under, smashing through packs, carrying the ball while fending off opposition and then putting through a brace of goals to add to his ever increasing effectiveness.

Dan has been preparing all year to tear limbs from the world’s opposition with a diet that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger feel like a softie and some devastating matches in Sydney, his new adopted home. Quickly a crowd favourite, cries of “bring back the Swede” were heard when Dan was taking a breather on the bench in one of his first matches, but more about that at a later date.

Pär was reportedly set upon by a trio of hungry crocs and nearly lost his arm during the off-season. Pär fought off two without a problem, but the third snuck up from behind & tore off his arm. Like a true Swan, Pär then dispatched the third croc, got his arm back & stuck it on again with silver tape. Årsta!!

We wish them, and the Swedish Elks squad as a whole, the best of luck in Australia and we know you’ll do us all proud.

See the full squad at the AFL Sweden International Cup page and keep track of the Swedish Elks progress down under by following the Swedish Elks Facebook page.

Swedish Elks

Swans in action for Sweden

‎Dan Koinberg (#30) and Mats Sundin (#13) doing their thing in Copenhagen for the Swedish Elks v Denmark

Sweden Elks vs Denmark on Danish TV2

The Swedish Elks is the national representative team for Sweden, playing 18-a-side Australian Football. The Elks will be playing in the World Cup in Australia later this year – let’s hope our lads play a leading role!

Even if you can’t understand Danish (who can?) keep your eyes open for the #13 & #30.