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SAFF Awards Evening 2011

Best Players 2011

Årsta Swans undoubted star player, Rob Young, took home the prize for Best Australian Player in the SAFF for 2011, polling the most votes over the course of the year. Votes were given after each match by the field umpire and by both team’s coaches and Rob’s outstanding year was rightly recognised by all, both the voters, opposition and team mates alike.

After the 10-round season, Rob had polled 22 votes and secured the Lars Hagberg medal. Truth be told, Rob actually tied for the award with Bromma Viking’s goal-machine, Steve Edwards. Unfortunately Steve couldn’t accept his award in person, as he was lazing by a pool somewhere in Australia sipping pina coladas, or so rumour had it.

Congratulations to Falun’s Henrik Andersson on winning the SAFF’s Best Non-Australian Player in 2011, in only his first season – a truly amazing effort in anyone’s books!

Earlier in the evening

As has been the custom, The Oxen restaurant in Stockholm hosted the SAFF Awards Evening, with some great food and drink and of course, the evening was MC’d by Ryan Kingsley. Each of the five teams’ coaches gave us an insight into the workings of each team; Coach Wiese was first out of the blocks and made the team truly proud.

SAFF All-Star Select

We can’t report on the evening without covering the All-Star Select team for 2011. Årsta had three very worthy representatives – Peter “The General” Hammarström, Mats “The Bulldog” Sundin and Jon “The Terrier” Högman.

Mats and Hammar both had a great 2011 season, continued their fantastic work of the last two years and really took their games to the next level. Jon had an unbelievable first year of Aussie Rules, leaving his opponents running scared with his ferocious attacks on the ball (and sometimes man) and breaking-the-line running. With guys like these tearing the game apart, look out 2012, the Årsta Swans are coming!

Congratulations again to Rob, Mats, Hammar and Jon.

Rd. 3 Årsta vs Solna match report

Pipped at the post

Another 1st quarter assault was dealt out by us, at one stage having a six goal lead. The delivery in to the forward line was clean and the hands of Ablett were like stone. An early injury to key forward  Brutas slowed the onslaught of goals then a very effective combination in the centre of the ground fired up for Solna (Adrian, Jake and Luke) got the Axemen back in the game with scores almost level at half time. When Key player Thor went out with a hamstring, it was all we had just to cling on to the match in the third quarter. The last quarter saw the valiant swans chances of victory ripped from them with a few quick goals to Solna sealing the deal 130- 96.

An absolute credit to all our first year players who are improving alot in every match, to be able to hold their own with much more experienced players is a sign that with a bit more experience it won’t be long before you will be outplaying them. Big cheer to Joakim who played the whole match as ruckman, mate you really stepped up a knotch on the weekend! Another solid performance from the Hammar who is making the backline his domain. Remember boys saving a goal is as good as kicking one you just don’t get any numbers next to your name. And of course Youngy who is what we have needed in our squad for sometime.

Tough match with Söder on Friday. Lets be there at 5 30 and give the blues all we got!!

Words from Judge Pete

Boots reaching over Mick for the ball
Boots reaching over Mick for the ball


It’s hard for me to put into words just how impressed I am with the 2011 Swans, and as most of you know, I’m not a man who is usually lost for words.

The club has grown a lot this year along with the spirit of the team. The injection of fresh blood has brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm that Årsta has had glimpses of in the past, but it has now exploded and it is lifting the team up and above the level expected of us. A perfect example of this was in Saturday’s match where we had 4 players on debut, Oskar, Tommi, Pete and Jon. We went out in the first quarter and absolutely shell shocked the in-form Bromma line up to take a quick lead. Pete looking like a pro kicking 2 goals in 5 mins on debut!!!

In what went on to be a heated match, the experience of the Vikings shone through in the end and they took the game, by only a few goals. For me, Årsta’s effort,passion and result, was  one of the finest moments in the club’s history. The pride and passion shown by all was a credit to all facets of the club.

Personally, I was so proud to be part of what I believe was another sign that we are genuine premiership contenders this year!

The passion and enthusiasm spilled over in to Tuesday’s training run with a great turn out and even more new faces. I’m sure calls for the ball were echoing through Årsta and were probably heard as far away as Globen! Even though training went late there were blokes still kicking for goal and fine tuning their newly learned kicking skills at 8:30 pm.

As a coach I’m very excited to pass on this news to Josh (who has been busy working in Germany), especially including the return of The Hammar, along with the amazing progress and talent shown by our debutants and first year players. Hammar a club legend who was unable to play so much last year, yet has returned to the side with gutsy determination and looks like he’s been training with the Sydney Swans in the off season. Great to have you back mate!

All that’s left for me to say on this front is LOOKOUT SOLNA!!!!! The Årsta boys are in town and we are hungry for a win!!

Registration Payments

Just a quick note, thanks to guys who got their rego payments in quickly, but can all who have paid come and talk to me. A big reminder that when you pay directly into our account you MUST write your NAME so we know who has paid!!!!!

To those who havn’t paid yet try to budget it in to your next favourite day of every month – the 25th. The club needs money to run and has already paid for you to be insured.

So to wrap it up, Cheers Boyz!

Judge Pete

Jonas Birgén pushing towards goal

Match Report Rd 2

The focus before Saturday’s top of the table clash was on building team spirit, and wow did the Swans come out firing! It took Bromma some time to find an answer to the onslaught of passion and goals as the Swans came out dominating. With the return of club legend Hammar it was a special day for Årsta along with 4 debut players, it seemed that we were unstoppable, but Bromma slowly found the answers to calm the storm and went into the first break with Årsta just a couple of goals in the lead.

A tough second quarter saw scores fairly close at half time Bromma going into the third with a small advantage. The third and arguably one of the most heated quarters seen in Saff footy in a couple of years saw the vikings linking well and showing that they are a threat this year, but to Årsta’s credit they pulled back the vikings domination and kicked 3 quick goals in succession towards the end of the break.

The final term was just too much for Swans to hold on to and Bromma with an absolute onslaught of missed goals not seen since the 2009 grand final, mostly due to the unrelenting pressure of the boys in Red and White saw the Vikings kick 12-21-93 to the Swans very accurate 11-4-70.

Pete L kicking 2 goals in his debut match and Oskar booting one, Tommi and Jon both with solid performances made the coaches player a tough one to decide, especially after Jonas showed some amazing talent to get his second goal of the season, and probably the best so far this year if not the best I have seen in Stockholm footy. The legend himself The Mighty Hammar after a slow start in the first half found some form and composure to go on and show he can play both forward and back grabbed the coach’s attention and went on to win the award.

Highest Goal Scorers Pete L 2 Boots 2